Thursday, February 28, 2008

Natural Wine Seminar at Tria

Seats are still available for my class on Natural Wines, to be held at Philadelphia’s own Tria Fermentation School on Tuesday, March 25.

Hélène Thibon and her horse, Nestor, tend the organically farmed fields
at Mas de Libian in the Ardèche.

For those that may have missed the announcement the first time around or perhaps been stymied by the vaguely ethereal name of the course, we’ll be tasting naturally farmed and produced wines from France, Italy, Germany and the US, and discussing the ins and outs of the blossoming natural wine movement. Topics will include building a greater understanding of the differences between organic and biodynamic farming and of how they both relate to more typical commercial farming practices. We’ll also tackle the demonized role of sulfites in the wine making regime and discuss the myriad list of other seemingly wacky and often quite unnatural ingredients that are “allowed” in wine. I hope to see you there.


Heinz said...

Interesting. Anytime I mention my bent for making my wine without adding sulfites, the more seasoned wine makers look at me as if I am on crack. "Sulfites are a natural part of fermentation" they say. Personally, I don't care, my wine making room is a campden free zone.

David McDuff said...

Good for you, Heinz. It's a big risk to take but one that increasingly more people are choosing in their efforts to make what they deem more natural wines. Not all of the wines we'll be tasting are produced by people who have totally eschewed sulfites, so we'll be discussing the degrees of their use in wine making regimes spanning the range from both extremes, from none to tons.

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