Monday, September 1, 2008

A Labor Day Survey

It's probably been the better part of a year now since I first added a "Coming Soon" section to my blog's sidebar. I'd seen it around at a few of my favorite food and wine sites and it seemed like a good enough idea. Something to keep me motivated and on track. And something to give visitors a sense of what to expect, maybe even to get them interested enough to visit again soon.

A year into its tenure, though, it's become something of an awkward visitor. Sometimes it still works like a good to-do list, keeping me motivated to update and refresh. Other times, I just plain forget to do anything with it. I'll post things that never appeared there at all while other "previews" may languish in the sidebar for days or even weeks at a time. On one or two occasions, items have even been added only to be removed, eventually, never having seen the light of day.

Given my ambivalence toward the matter, I thought this would be the perfect excuse to turn over a little control to you, faithful reader and new visitor alike. It's time for the very first survey here at MFWT. The "Coming Soon" section: should it stay or should it go? You have a week to ponder this weighty issue and make your voice heard.

Oh yeah, the survey's in the left sidebar. Just above the "Coming Soon" section.... Feel free to hit the comments if you'd like to explain yourself or just plain editorialize in addition to casting your vote.


Joe said...

Sorry, David - I am embarrassed to say I never noticed it...I never created one for the exact reasons you outline - nobody can predict my publish schedule.

Joe said...

too be fair, most internet users tend to tune out banners and sidebars (the ad space)

Edward said...


I don't think I've noticed it before either. I like the idea though and the discipline in brings.

David McDuff said...

No worries. I added that option fully expecting that at least a few readers, as you suggest, never notice the sidebar matter. Based on the number of "exits" I can track from my blogroll, though, there would seem to be at least a measurable number of people who do.

Discipline and reader retention were the two main reasons for adding it in the first place.... We shall see how the votes tally.

Megan said...


Hi! Here is my first posting!!!

I voted, even though 13 IS my favorite number and I'd hate to see it go.

Sorry--I never noticed the sidebar. But I'm always in such a hurry, I just focus on your writing (which is awesome, by the way!).

Keep up the good work.

David McDuff said...

Megan, my fellow lucky thirteener!
Thanks so much for the kind words. It's great to see you finally come out of hiding.

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