Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sad News in the Wine World

I've just learned that Didier Dagueneau, the man behind some of the most intense, controversial and respected Sauvignon's in the Loire -- really, in the world -- died earlier today in a small aircraft crash. Joe Dressner has written a fitting memorial that well captures the man's spirit. Rest in peace, Didier. (Photo courtesy of Bertrand Celce.)

Update (Sept. 18): Eric Asimov has posted his own heartfelt memorial at The Pour.

Update (Sept. 19): A more in-depth eulogy of Dagueneau from Joe Dressner.


Michael D. said...

This is terrible news.

Anonymous said...

This is an odd feeling, clicking on the internet and having it affect you deeply, as if the phone had just wrang?wrung?, or the tv cut to footage of a disaster, or the many other ways one might have discovered tragedy in the past. In one week, I've experienced, through the net, a joy succubus--this and David Foster Wallace--I guess this will happen again and again. But, it's still wierd and surreal and uncomfortable.

David McDuff said...

Terrible indeed, Mike. I would love to have met Didier. C'est la vie, in the true sense.

Sorry to hav been the bearer of bad news and discomfit. I'm in complete synch with your reactions as it's always disconcerting to come upon bad news by accident. At the same time, though, there was a time not long ago when it might have taken weeks or even months to learn of something like this. An acceptable albeit awkward trade-off, I think.

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