Friday, September 5, 2008

Three Days Left to Vote

Alright, I admit it. I like the number 13. I'd be happier than Fabian was to wear it in the Tour (never mind the fact that that's not likely). That doesn't mean I want to see the voting tally stop at 13, exactly where my first survey has been stalled for the last couple of days. So come on, make your vote count. Hit the poll in the left sidebar. You can read my original explanatory post if that'll halp you make a more informed decision. It's not as if it's a major issue, I know. But think of it as practice for November. That should give everyone plenty of motivation.

Image courtesy of Roberto Bettini Photography. Homage to the number 13 and to Fabian Cancellara's incredibly strong ride in the Tour de France and his subsequent win in the Olympics Time Trial.


Anonymous said...

thirteen smirteen, what about the 10 handing out feed bags?

i gotta get into cycling.

David McDuff said...

What's wrong, the Zamboni driver at the Wachovia center's not doing it for you?

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