Saturday, September 6, 2008

Noteless Wonders

The photos below are of a few casualties from a dinner with friends. It was actually a decent while back. So long ago, in fact, that as I didn't take notes -- I was too busy cooking and enjoying -- it's way too late to wing it now.

What's my point, you may be pondering? As long as I'm turning over a modicum of organizational control, I figured why not just open things up creatively as well. So, whether or not you've actually tried any of the above wines, here's your chance to write your own tasting notes. There are bonus points for creativity, y'all, so hit the comments and have fun.


Joe Manekin said...

I've had the Gros Cremant and it was funky. Like Bootsy sitting next to you on an airplane type funk. Not so much fruit, just some decomposed, jurassic era marine organism skeletal funk with bubbles.

David McDuff said...

Hey Joe,
Thanks for jumping in. I was just about to declare this one a lead balloon when I saw you'd commented.

As to your write-up, are you suggesting that Bootsy is a decomposed, jurassic era marine organism? Seriously, though, the Montbourgeau came across as a little skeletal to me as well, maybe not quite as funky as it did to you.

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