Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sulfur in San Fran

Wolfgang Weber, my fellow blogger behind Spume, recently wrote an excellent piece for the San Francisco Chronicle on the role of sulfur in the winemaking practice. Though he doesn't break new ground, his piece does an excellent job of covering all the bases and includes insights from an interesting group of California winemakers. I'm a little late in reporting this but no matter, meaningful content shouldn't have an expiration date.

Read it. And check out the predictably vociferous comments. But do yourself a favor. If you decide to comment or ask a question, skip the fray at the Chronicle and head back to Spume with your questions. If for any reason you prefer to leave questions here, by all means do so. I'll do my best to tackle them.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the compliments and the link to the article. And indeed, those SFGate comments get a little, erm, out of hand...


David McDuff said...

Absolutely, WW. I'm always happy to share the good stuff.

It's tough to stir up that kind of furor on the blog front so it certainly helps to have a bigger power driving the readers in.

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