Sunday, August 3, 2008

Quick Sips

Recently, I had a chance to revisit Jacky Truchot’s 2005 Bourgogne Rouge. Really, it was everything you could ask for in a glass of young Burgundy. Purity of aroma, finely detailed texture and totally focused flavors. I blinked and missed the opportunity to buy any of Domaine Truchot-Martin’s ‘05s. A shame, as I love the wines and it was Jacky’s last vintage before retiring, with no heirs to continue his work. The man’s wines will be missed. Luckily, I have a good friend who caught the train and who’s generous enough to share. With each sip, it seems a little like drinking history. But then, I suppose you could say that about all real wine.

On a lighter note, Movia’s 2005 Tocai Friulano, which I wrote up on Friday, held up beautifully into its second day. Taking on a rounder, slightly softer feel, it also picked up a seductively sweet herbaceousness that was hidden on day one. Exactly what I imagine cannabis honey would taste like. Does anyone produce such a thing?


TWG said...

IE is working fine now.

Terence said...

Cannabis/honey? Sounds like a winner to me. Anyone up to the challenge in Humboldt County??

David McDuff said...

Ciao Terence,
I suppose it does sound like something straight out of a T.C. Boyle story, doesn't it?

Thanks for the update on the IE/blog bug. Any more detail on what exactly the issue was?

Terence said...

I really TCB.

But yes, you're right!

BTW, email me about the Lambrusco we tried together...honestly, before I waste any more $$. Thx.

TWG said...

I'm pretty sure it was the sitemeter, supposedly the scripts had been changed in an update of sitemeter. It was fixed according to a google search.

David McDuff said...

Thanks, TWG.

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