Thursday, July 3, 2008

New York Minutes

Just returned from a quick three-day trip to New York, during which I had a great time visiting some old friends and meeting a few new ones. There are plenty of details to post over the next few days but I thought I'd start things rolling with a short tribute to the raisons d'être for the trip.

Upon arrival, I was greeted by my gracious and generous host, Peter, with a lunch of bacon sandwiches. Originally inspired by this article in the New York Times, he's been riffing on preparation techniques and ingredients in search of his own ideal. Lunch was followed by a perfect cappuccino, served with homemade shortbread. Far too civilized for the likes of me, but a great start to the trip.

An invitation from Mr. Mondosapore himself, Terence Hughes (pictured with glass in hand), provided the last minute impetus for the trip. We attended a Monday night presentation of the wines of the Venturini Baldini estate, paired with dinner at Del Posto.

Watching the sunset over the Park Slope skyline, Chez Brooklynguy, was one of the highlights of the journey. More on that to come, for sure.

Temperance indeed. Bonus points to anyone who hits the comments with the correct identification of where this photo was taken.


Lenn said...

Hopefully your next trip to NY will afford you at least one day to come out and see Long Island wine have an open invite from the LENNDEVOURS crew.

Little_Jewford said...

hmmm....I thinking its the park just east of the place where I once had to buy something detachable of mine back off a guy...

David McDuff said...

Thanks for the invite; I'll be happy to take you up on it sometime. I almost anted up for a bottle of Wolffer Cabernet Franc at Astor but, at $35 relative to $19 for the '02 Raffault Chinon "Les Picasses" that was a couple of steps away, I just couldn't pull the trigger.

Sounds like a distinct possibility. In any event, you've obviously come the closest thus far.

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