Thursday, July 31, 2008

Second Season at the Headhouse Farmers Market

There's been a tremendous explosion in the spread and popularity of the "Buy Fresh, Buy Local" credo in the Philadelphia area over the last few years. One need look no further than this year's schedule of markets organized by The Food Trust and Farm to City to get a sense of just how much great stuff is out there. As much as I love my local market, it's hard to deny that the area's most vibrant, thriving and diverse center for regional growers -- and local shoppers -- must be The Headhouse Farmers Market.

Last Sunday, I finally made it down to Headhouse for the first time this season, ostensibly to lend a hand to a friend who has a table there. During the rare lull in activity, I took the opportunity to wander around, do a little provisioning and snap a few photos.

The market is anchored by fresh fruit and vegetable growers such as Blooming Glen Farm (above) and Weavers Way (below).

Headhouse gains depth from the range and diversity of its many small, specialty producers, such as Yoder Heirlooms (above) and Culton Organics. I'm pretty sure that's Tom Culton sportin' the straw cap in the photo below but please correct me if I'm wrong. My note taking was nonexistent, so I'm working on memory cells here.

Spring Hills Farm is another of the market's specialty producers. Emily (pictured above) worked the market all day selling wool and maple syrup, two of the primary products (along with Xmas trees) harvested on her family's property in Dalton, PA.

Lunchtime: Tacos al Pastor and Huitlacoche Quesadillas. If hunger strikes, seriously good Mexican street food is available right at the market, prepared by the crew from South Philly's Los Taquitos de Puebla.

A shot of the market crowd as the ring of the closing bell approached.

Headhouse Farmers Market
Sundays from 10AM to 2PM
Under the Shambles at
2nd & Lombard Streets
Philadelphia, PA 19147


Anonymous said...

Those tacos are the real deal! They look as good, if not better, than many out here.

- wolfgang

David McDuff said...

They're definitely the real deal, Wolfgang, and worth the trip to the market on their own. Seeing them prepared as you wait -- the pork and pineapple cut from the spit and then toasted with the tortilla on the grill -- only adds to the pleasure of the experience. The only problem is, I could eat way too many of them....

Anonymous said...

You're so lucky. It's great when "Farmers' Market" actually means a market with real farmers selling real food!

David McDuff said...

Agreed, Tom. There are so many places that are essentially food halls, produce clearing houses or super markets borrowing the term "farmers market" that it almost seems necessary to coin a neologism -- grower/producers' market? -- for the real thing.

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