Monday, June 30, 2008

Best of the Main Line… And a Brief Sojourn

Some of you may have already noticed the shiny new badge – the one that says BEST – in the left column of this here blog. For those of you not attracted by the frill around the edges, I thought I’d lavish a bit of shameless self-promotion upon you, front and center, right in the meat of the page.

The July edition of Main Line Today has just hit newsstands. In it, you’ll find yours truly featured as proud recipient of the title of Best Local Wine Guru in the magazine’s annual “Best of the Main Line and Western Suburbs” awards. My photo was withheld in order to protect my anonymity as a critic (though I may have spoiled that when I put my real name on the masthead of my blog…). In all seriousness though, my thanks go out to the critics and editorial staff at MLT who saw fit to lavish their praise upon me. It’s always nice to be recognized for something you love doing.

In celebration – actually, it’s pure coincidence – I’m headed off for a few days in New York to participate in a fringe event at the Fancy Food Show and to enjoy some food, wine, friends and fun along the way. As a result, it may be quiet around these parts for a couple of days. But I’m sure I’ll have plenty to report upon return.


Brooklynguy said...

congrats, and most well deserved.

Dawn said...

thanks for the MLT props mr. mcduff ;)

—d.e. warden

Taylor said...

Congrats, guru! Missed you this past Sat. at Mbros. Picked up a new Rose. It's gonna be the summer of the Rose!(I have no clue where to find that mark over the e)

philadining said...

Big congrats!

Sorry to see that your big-screen biopic, starring Mike Meyers, has been doing so badly at the box office. Oh, wait, that's not the WINE guru...nevermind...

Anonymous said...

Way to go McDuff!

Terence said...

Can't wait to see your story about last night's tasting dinner, McD. It was great meeting and talking. TH

Joe said...

Guru - now that's a compliment. All the best.

Tom G said...


Think the PLCB might take notice?

Joe M. said...

Congrats, David. You have definitely earned the reward as your food and wine writing is tops. My only question to you is when do you announce the book deal?

David McDuff said...

Thanks, all. Just back from New York and it's great to have received so many well wishes.

BG and Terence,
It was great to meet both of you over the last few days.

Sorry I was a week to late to have met you as well.

Good to see you here in the world of comments. I suspect I owe you thanks in particular.

I'll see if I can arrange an accent seminar for the next time we meet.

You must have meant to leave your comment at McDuff's Food & Love Trail.

Why anonymous? But thanks!

Let's just say I'm not holding my breath.

And Joe M.,
Thanks for the incredibly kind words. Have any friends in the publishing world?

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