Wednesday, July 9, 2008

MFWT Goes Korean

Nope, I don't mean Korean food (though I am overdue for a trip up to Philly's N. 5th Street). What I do mean is that I've hit the Korean blogosphere in a big way, at least for today.

My readership is usually about 80% US-based, with the other 20% peppering in from around the globe. Today, and today only I expect, MFWT's traffic is about 90% Korean.

Like most bloggers, I use a tool called Sitemeter (there are lots of others like it) that allows me to get a general sense of how many visitors my site receives, what part of the globe they're coming from, how long they're hanging around... you get the picture. It's not terribly useful information unless you're trying to pitch your site to advertisers. But it can be a nice boost to the ego when you have a "good day." That said, I do my best not to obsess over it too much. And I usually leave Sitemeter statistical analysis and demographic deconstruction to guys like Terence and Marcus.

However, when I did a quick check of my stats earlier this morning, I did a double take. By 7:00 AM I'd already had as many visitors as I normally see in a day. By noon that had increased nearly fourfold. It turns out that a Korea-based food blogger called Charlie, whose site is apparently quite popular, linked to my most recent post about dinner at Talula's Table. Crazy how the Internet spins, not to mention how far the word has spread about Talula's.

Problem is, I can't figure out how to correctly view, much less translate, Charlie's post. All I get is a screen full of question marks. Any ideas, folks? Are you out there, Charlie?

See those seven question marks in the box at the bottom of the screenshot? That's the link to my post.


Marcus said...

Thanks David for the nice things you said about my ability to deconstruct. How timely seeing as I launched my new 2.0 page today. Did you know that I also can translate from Korean to English...?

Don't mention it.

Talula's Table. The restaurant where the reservation is most difficult from the United States,

Always occupies the space where my mind one corner is special and the atmosphere which is warm and has the fine food and [ayl] the [su] water (Alice Water) restaurant [syey] sells and the [cu] - Chez Panisse with the popularity to be caused by the [su] lung [syel] a possibility wants of getting the table where there is. the month when has the menu/from before minimum 2 weeks has reserved Friday and Consecutive holiday [ten] to be more difficult the days when is special put and they come.
But, the [syey] sell the [cu] America [syul] leucorrhea by one - I am not attached in the star only am not. - Thomas Kohler which receives three stars (Thomas Keller) French round (French Laundry), ladles and tax (Per Se) in case in order table reservation description below from has reserved before minimum two months, will be possible until end.
Just the [syey] sells does most from the like that United States the reservation ends a reservation all in the [cu] and to listen a story has reserved, the hard to satisfy restaurant will be where. Came to be anxious. The like that America [syul] the France cleaner's which shines in leucorrhea by three more, picking a reservation, difficult place as expected will be being hollow and did, does. And sought.

The table of other rule (Talula's Table) Pennsylvania which is 'is small and' is a dining room.
Said that the France cleaner's from before two months receives a reservation?
Thinks. Receives before the year when rises as many as.
Also the reservation method is unique.
Example the wild person cotton is like this. When 2008 July 9th 7:00 morning comes nearly and 'goes and ' the transformation ringing starts. The landlady of the like that store accurately transforms in the 7:00 exact time. And receives the dinner reservation 2009 July 9th. Under simplicity [cyo]? :)
From above as the small dining room one reason the table only under is because not being in the outside. One team, one years will receive a reservation one day and first thing example is a dining room which is the possibility which will enter. Future not to become one day, also the rear of one day does not become,… The reason which chooses this method more public pyeong did a little in the callers, (.....Fairly, is difficult?) As because being will be able to provide a reservation does.
To daytime directness the bread which roasts and the high-class cheese, the material the meal type field which comes to make in advance, there was coffee from the store which is various and sold and went and Zeeman, evening will become and 12 people degree four four in the table which is the possibility which will sit to sit, from 6:00 until 11:00 sincerity of 8 course the store which is the possibility of tasting the delicacies which were prepared be the [ni]. Isn't enormous. :) Uniquely, does not sell the alcoholic beverage and is a method where the callers bring the direct wine in order not to be, does.
When sees the menu and is a composition where the true excess saliva goes round. To this year spring will get back to here and > blow almost the post < to link will put to.
This composition $90 [ni]. ; ; ; (To of course home page as the thing where the price will rise the gun freezing [noh] [ass] more army)

p.s. There is a day when in one week more receives three intoxication moral parties from one two degree two people and boils and but, is or the reservation knows 'to receive an invitation ', as the thing which is possible does.

Respects the minute when will try to attempt maybe from with address leaves a directory number. ; D

Talula's Table
102 West State Street, Kennett Square and PA 19348

Directory number:

Food, the United States and restaurant, reservation, Pennsylvania, Talula

# by Charlie | 2008/07/23: 58 | - The United States (American) | Track hundred | [tes] Writing (22)
Track hundred address:
☞ within the writing writing which relates with this writing in eagle base (track hundred sending) [help]
Commented at 2008/07/24: 03 [Answer writing]
Secret [tes] is a writing.
Commented by Charlie at 2008/07/19: 14
1 years. Will remember certainly thing example! :)
Commented by Eiren at 2008/07/24: 04 [Answer writing]
That is had reserved before 1 years, under is sour door profit is the place which rises L disadvantage! of ^^ Spain which For 1 years only 6 months does business and the reservation receives and only period of former October one day of 1 years? There is a value which in that degree menu 90 fire and the table one will have reserved by the way in addition before [ni] 1 years. What [lal] the defiant spirit, tries to peel and transform Deyo ^^ which wants; ;
Commented by Charlie at 2008/07/19: 15
So with the every morning hungry stomach in transformation and has the prospect which kicks full and is hung the people ~;)
Commented by loose at 2008/07/25: 13 [Answer writing]
1 years former reservation. Writing same person the whole life impossibility ......

Him will limp, or, English blow will be wrong, links and hangs…. -. -
Commented by Charlie at 2008/07/19: 16
Loose complains about English blow him and hangs! :) Is positive the people where the schedule is unstable attempts, young cries. Work happening after one years. ;
Commented with by anyone at 2008/07/25: 19 [Answer writing]
1 years former reservation [ni]! When the writing is same has and writes and has reserved and puts and forgets deeply-black and will throw away to is clear.
Commented by Charlie at 2008/07/19: 17
Positively also the reservation tries not being able, has reserved and forgets and, from the loss gratitude which when does not go…
Is like that but if that degree certainly confirmation will contact? Probably? (….)
Commented by June direction at 2008/07/26: 27 [Answer writing]
Me with anyone hangs the ripple with same thought,…; ; ;
[tem] With that ramyon of probably that day necessary and wrongly the event lacking seedling,
Puts forth efforts no matter how and does not make change and thought [toy] that error is not,… -; ; ;
Commented by Charlie at 2008/07/19: 17
How many breast should Oh the [phu]. ; ; ; ; ;
Commented by present progressive form at 2008/07/30: 58 [Answer writing]
Deyo which is a beautiful place. *_*
Will raise and wants going bitterly, is the same qualitative thing,…
Commented by Charlie at 2008/07/19: 19
Is like that? Fan hour is nearer in the family of the impression whose is comfortably warmer does the boy the thing more favor the song. (. The [phu] and him, digs up and expense the baby family is about the thing a little there is a doubt but…)
Commented by eel meat roasted with seasonings formal at 2008/07/11: 22 [Answer writing]
Cuts now and going to the sacrifice which is difficult the dining room of the picture; ;) That day which the caller puts out puncture by the way the sealing song which rests.
Commented by Charlie at 2008/07/19: 21
Even to sacrifice dining room of picture… Even the photograph like the picture isn't visible? :) Puncture will call the eternity which puts out and there will be a people. ;)
Commented by [tyu] boat [tu] guy at 2008/07/11 will freeze: 44 [Answer writing]
Having reserved before true 1 years and appear >_< to be peeling and eating
Commented by Charlie at 2008/07/19: 23
Marks in the calendar and in the point of view where the chart next year calendar still does not come out… ;)
Commented by [khwul] [ccayk] at 2008/07/12: 12 [Answer writing]
Me wants going. [hu]
Commented by Charlie at 2008/07/19: 23
The world the place which wants going widely is many too. Black black
Commented by xmaskid at 2008/07/15: 33 [Answer writing]
Pennsylvania goes to problem should…^^
Commented by Charlie at 2008/07/19: 25
This year to have reserved, next year July - August about. [hu] sound. Only will try under [cyo]?
Will be the truth or, Pennsylvania does and the [thu] LAN thread Barney baby remembers.
Commented by American [lu] at 2008/07/18: 37 [Answer writing]
Pennsylvania. Will be distant so and falls and is a place. Price also 1 year intention to fight reservation tries once about reading like that and like that is a place which comes to want like muscle there is not a person who will go, path; ; ;
Commented by Charlie at 2008/07/19: 26
Non doesn't do not to make a defiant spirit burn?
The table which is the possibility 12 people sitting the [ni] has the noisily joyful meeting and is the same good thing.

David McDuff said...

You're the man, Marcus, though I somehow suspect the UN is not beating at your door in search of their next chief translator ;-)

As best I can make out, it appears to be more or less what I expected, another piece about the "toughest reservation in the world."

David McDuff said...

By the way, I think that qualifies as the longest comment I've ever received.

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