Tuesday, July 22, 2008

WBW 47 Roundup and WBW 48 Announcement

Michelle and Erin of Grape Juice have posted their summary of last month’s edition of Wine Blogging Wednesday, which was all about wines somehow starting with the letter “S.” As I expected, they called me out for being a bit curmudgeonly in regards to their Sesame Street inspired theme. Good sports that they are, they took it in stride, even awarding me double points for writing up a wine with a leading “S” in both the place of origin and the winery’s name. Feel free to revisit my review of the 2007 Coste della Sesia Rosato “Rosa del Rosa” from Proprietà Sperino. But definitely be sure to check out the full roundup at Grape Juice. It can be a great way to stumble upon some new blogs and, who knows, maybe even discover a good wine or two along the way.

Next month marks the 4th Anniversary of the inception of WBW, so the whole party is going right back to its roots. WBW founder and original host Lenn Thompson will be leading the show at LennDevours. His theme? Take it back to your roots. In Lenn’s own words:

“We're all wine lovers, but we have gotten where we are today in a variety of ways on a variety of paths. These long, windy paths are littered with wines the world over. I just want you to pick one of the wines from the beginning of your journey, taste it again for the first time in a while, and tell us about it.

Maybe you remember the very first wine you ever tasted. Try it again.

Or maybe there was one wine that you drank a lot of when you were still a wine neophyte. That'd be fun too….”

Reports are due to Lenn on Wednesday, August 13, 2008. I’m looking forward to some scary revelations.

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