Tuesday, June 10, 2008

More from Sunday's Scorcher

For my readers wondering where all the wine writing has gone, I've been going through a bit of a dry spell of late. Not that I haven't been tasting at all, it's just that nothing has jumped out as post-worthy in a while. I'll be back at it in short order though, as tomorrow is Wine Blogging Wednesday. In the meanwhile, here are a couple more photos from Sunday's Core States First Union Wachovia Commerce Bank Philadelphia International Cycling Championship.

My favorite non-racing shot of the day.

I made the mistake of fiddling around with the various pre-programmed settings on my Fuji FinePix E900 in action rather than in a test environment. As a result, most of my race shots turned out a bit blurry. Nonetheless, this is one of my favorite racing pics of the day. From an early lap, it really captures the riders' focus (no pun intended).


Patrick said...

If I didn't know any better that looks an awful lot like Lee of Bicycle Therapy behind that Cannon.

GollyGumDrops said...

Lovely cycling shots - I'm getting excited ahead of the Tour.

David McDuff said...

Right you are, Patrick. Good call.

Thanks, Golly. I am too. Still wondering whether Astana will be given the last berth, especially in light of their overall victory at the Giro d'Italia.

Patrick said...

I don't know if it was sour grapes, but someone from Astana had commenetd that even if invited now, they would probably pass to prepare for the Vuelta

Little_Jewford said...

The tour will be more fun without Astana ... it will be an open and animated race.

I saw a couple of familiar faces in the BBQ pics....still miss being there, without the SF GP nothing out here compares (even the TOC prologue)

David McDuff said...

You have a good point, LJ. That said, I'm not too keen on the idea of last year's winner not being invited back.

And to that point, Patrick, I wonder if Astana really would turn down an invite. They jumped pretty fast when they got a last minute bid into the Giro. And look how it turned out. Levi and Kloden may have underperformed a bit but they still took the overall. Not too shabby.

Joe M. said...

Great shots, David. I'm in the market for a new touring bike - any thoughts? Recently got mildly into riding so I'm a novice. I like the versatility of a Surly, but they are really heavy.

David McDuff said...

Hey Joe,

My old Cannondale touring bike served me well for many years on the streets of DC. Plenty of clearance for fenders and good weight distribution for slapping 70-pound mail bags on the back rack. I don't know if Cdale even makes touring frames these days, though.

Surly's are cool but you're right; they weigh a ton. If you want to go whole hog, Bruce Gordon is the old school champ of touring bikes. Otherwise, I'd look at Bianchi as they seem to offer good value throughout most of their lineup.

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