Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Announcing WBW #46 and WBC #3

Included in the action around the vinternet over the last week, the hosts and themes have been announced for the next iterations of both Wine Blogging Wednesday and the Wine Book Club.

The honorable Dr. Debs, blogstress behind the double AWBA winning Good Wine Under $20, will be our host for WBW #46. For the theme, she’s chosen White Rhônes (no, those aren’t ponies). Given her inclusive nature – and perhaps influenced by the recent Los Angeles heat wave – she’s allowing for a pretty open playing field, as the wines need not actually be from the Rhône. They just need to be based on one or more of the traditional white Rhône varieties, such as Roussanne, Marsanne, Viognier, Grenache Blanc, Bourboulenc, Clairette… the list goes on and on. She’ll be awarding bonus points to those who write up wines from multiple growing regions. Check out her post for more details, procedural info and some helpful links. Your notes are due on Wednesday, June 11.

After hosting the first edition of the Wine Book Club and then proceeding to totally miss the boat on the second edition, I figure that spreading the word about the next session might help to get me back on track. The third meeting of the Wine Book Club will be hosted by none other than Wine Blogging Wednesday founder Lenn Thompson at his semi-eponymous blog, LennDevours. The selected book will be George Taber's recent release, To Cork or Not To Cork: Tradition, Romance, Science, and the Battle for the Wine Bottle. I’m asked about the whole cork vs. screwcap issue at just about every tasting and class I conduct these days. Between that ongoing dialog and my keen interest in wine science, I’m hoping there will be some good, substantive content – something to really sink my teeth into – in Taber’s text. Visit Lenn’s post for the full details. Book reports are due on Tuesday, June 24.

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