Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hello Again

Forgive me for not being very bloggerly of late. It's been a very busy week, what with craziness at work, wine tasting events in the evening and the need for sleep in between keeping me from writing anything for a few days running. In the temporary absence of new content here, let me at least point you to some recent and worthy tidbits from around the wine blogosphere.

Dr. Debs recently -- actually, it's been about a week -- posted her summary of the last episode of Wine Blogging Wednesday, which focused on white Rhône style wines.

Subsequently, the host and theme of the next installment of Wine Blogging Wednesday have been announced. The folks at Grape Juice will be marshaling WBW #47. Their selected theme -- wines directly related to the letter "S" -- isn't one of the more didactic focuses of late but will no doubt result in fun and creative effortS aS participating bloggerS try to outSmart one another. Entries are due on Wednesday, July 9.

It's been a full two weeks now, but Alfonso Cevola, author of the poetic, insightful blog On the Wine Trail in Italy, recently posted a thought provoking piece on the current state of restaurant wine lists and the potentially pernicious influence of the young buck sommelier. It stuck in my head and it's very much worth a read.

Finally, a new entry into the world of wine blogging that I stumbled upon in recent days is J. David Harden's Rational Denial. If its first month on the ground is any indication, it's a site that you should all consider adding to your reading lists and blog rolls.

I'll try to get back to business as usual in short order. Until then, happy summer solstice, all.


J David Harden said...

Thank you for the kind words, David. I'll be trying to return the favor by way of homage to the Food & Wine Trail later in the week.
cheers from the Lab,
J David.

David McDuff said...

You're very welcome, JD. Keep up the good work.

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