Friday, January 4, 2008

A Few Updates

Based on the amount of feedback humming through the local blogosphere via comments and new visitors as well as through posts and announcements on sites further afield, it looks as though the Wine Book Club is off to a promising start. I only hope that everyone who’s excited now will hang in there, make it through Vino Italiano and participate at the end of February.

Speaking of excitement generated by new announcements, I mentioned in a recent posting that the reservation books at Talula’s Table would soon open for dates in the second half of 2008. Michael Klein followed up with a full length feature in last Sunday’s Philadelphia Inquirer. When the shop and calendar opened at Talula’s on Wednesday morning, it took only two hours for the entire year to be booked. If you made it, good on ya! If not, save your energy; you’ll need to wait another six months for a shot at a spot in 2009. In the meanwhile, it’s well worth a day trip out to the shop to enjoy a casual lunch, afternoon snack or, heck, even an early casual dinner prepared by the same chef, served by the same staff and enjoyed at the same table. You’ll also find it much easier to take in the rest of the store, enjoy a coffee (or bring your own wine) and stock up on some fantastic provisions. Doubling up with a visit to Va La Vineyards or one of Chester County’s other wineries could be an added way to justify the road trip.

Lastly, there are only a few days remaining until the lucky winners are announced of the umpteen wonderful prizes donated by food and wine bloggers to the 4th annual Menu for Hope. This year’s event raised a grand total of $91,188.00, besting the 2006 tally by more than $30K. Tune in to Chez Pim on January 9, when Pim herself will announce the winners of all the goodies donated from around the world. I must admit I’m a bit curious as to who will come out with my prize. I’ll announce the outcome here as soon as I’ve learned the results.

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