Friday, January 18, 2008

Desolation Boulevard

The Sweet. This is some killer glam -- lip synching, alien transvestite costumes and all.


Sean said...

Wow, Ballroom Blitz, huh?

Whenever I hear that song, all I think of is Wayne's World. Doesn't say much for 70s Glam band the Sweet does it?

David McDuff said...

Yeah, yeah. I'll admit there's an element of cheese and that Sweet wasn't the most consistent band during their run. All that said, there's something about this song that gets its hooks into me every time I hear it.

Anonymous said...

Whole heartedly agree, David! This song made me crazy everytime I heard it back in 8th grade! I think it was my gateway song... LB

David McDuff said...

Gateway to what exactly, LB???

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