Tuesday, September 18, 2007

WBW #37 Roundup and #38 Theme Announced

Tyler Colman, aka Dr. Vino, has posted the roundup from WBW #37: Go Native. You’ll find write-ups, including mine on the Marcillacs of Domaine du Cros, from over 50 authors (the highest ever participation rate) regarding wines made from indigenous vines.

Next month’s edition, scheduled for October 10 and being hosted by the folks at Catavino, will focus on the table wines of Portugal. Ryan and Gabriella are encouraging participants not only to skip the fortified wines of Porto and Madeira but also to sidestep the most common table wines of Portugal: Vinho Verde and the reds of the Douro. This will make shopping, at least in my part of the States, one of the most challenging parts of the event. But hey, I'm always open to a good excuse to visit a few wine shops.

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