Sunday, September 16, 2007

Notes on a Wedding

Sorry folks, no tasting notes, just some reflections on a beautiful day. Two of my dearest friends, Bill and Kelly, tied the knot Saturday. The ceremony was beautiful and I don’t think the bride and groom could have asked for a more perfect evening for their reception, set outdoors in the garden and patio areas of the Delaware Center for Horticulture.

Even at their own nuptials, a most important occasion, Bill and Kelly went out of their way to ensure a fantastic wine selection for their guests. On top of a good bubbly, white and red to satisfy all of their guests at the bar, each dinner table had its own regional wine theme. Fourteen guest tables, fourteen regions, a different white and red at each table, plus a few random bottles for the head table…. It’s always reassuring – if for nothing but a good reality check – to know other people who are fanatical enough about good food and wine to think of them always.

The head table had a global theme

It was a day I’ll remember warmly for many years to come. Congratulations, my friends!

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