Sunday, February 15, 2009

Wine Blogging Wednesday: The How-To Show

This Wednesday, February 18, 2009, wine lovers and bloggers from far and wide will convene here at MFWT for the 54th edition of Wine Blogging Wednesday, “A Passion for Piedmont.” I’m hoping for a great turnout and am also anticipating – based on some inquiries I’ve received – at least a few first time participants. So I thought it prudent to blast everyone with one last reminder (well, maybe not the last reminder but the last full-length one) and to recap the ways in which to participate.

  • Read the complete story of this month’s theme.
  • In short, pick any wine from the Piedmont region of Italy. White, red, rosé, sparkling, sweet, dry, expensive, dirt cheap... it’s all ok.
  • Drink it, enjoy it (hopefully) and write something about the experience.
  • There is no need to have your own blog to participate.

Just in case drinking only one wine seems too easy and you really want to immerse yourself in the venture, I’ve added a couple of bonus point addendums to my original WBW announcement.

  • BP Challenge #1: Write-up a red wine and a white wine, both from the same producer (and, of course, both from Piedmont).
  • BP Challenge #2: Write-up two wines, each made from the same variety (or varieties) but hailing from different sub-regions and/or different DOC(G)s within Piedmont.

Once you’ve done your shopping, drinking and writing (photos are encouraged, too), all that’s left to do is submit your work. Here’s how:

  • If you don’t have your own blog, you can post your write-up as a comment to this or any of the other WBW 54 posts here at MFWT.
  • If you do have your own blog, post away on your own site, then send me a link to your write-up, either in the comments below or via e-mail. Posting on Wednesday is ideal but early submissions are fine and even late submissions are no problem.
  • In either of the above scenarios, you may also send your entire submission to me via e-mail (davidmcduff at verizon dot net). I’ll then post your work for you as a comment or – if you really rock the house – as a guest post here at MFWT.

I hope that’s all clear enough. Go and get your Piedmont on, drink well and have fun with it. I’ll see you all here on Wednesday.


Lyle Fass said...


Almost forgot about this! Need to get a wine ASAP! Looking forward to it.

David McDuff said...

Glad to here you're in, Lyle, and glad the "how-to" post was of service.

shooting star said...

I have finally been able to participate in WBW, though a little premature. My blog is,
Check it out and thanks
David Lazarus

1WineDude said...

I'm in... and here 'tis!


Kori said...

Thanks for hosting! We tasted two Barberas, one from Asti and one from Alba.

Taster A said...

Greetings from SmellsLikeGrape.

Enobytes said...

Hi David, thanks for providing a great theme and hosting this event! Here is my post:

Pamela @ enobytes

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