Sunday, February 22, 2009

WBW 54 Wrap-Up Coming Tomorrow, and the Passing of a Barolo Maestro

Boy, I can see why some WBW hosts choose to take the big picture approach when writing their wrap-ups. Entries are still trickling in – perhaps the second W should stand for Week – and we’ve just reached 50 participants. Not a bad turnout for a theme that seems to have pushed many a wine blogger into unfamiliar territory.

Encapsulating the work of all those writers is a daunting task. Happily, it’s also a great way to get to know a bunch of new blogs and bloggers, and to explore the myriad of experiences and selections they all shared within the context of the glorious wines of Piedmont.

So, all I ask, on this gloomy Sunday afternoon in February, is for your patience. The summary of WBW 54, “A Passion for Piedmont,” will appear here tomorrow. My thanks go out to all who have already participated. And if there’s anyone out there still procrastinating, get to it! It’s still not too late.

Actually, that's not all that I ask. I hope all of you will also join me in raising a glass to the memory of Barolo traditionalist Teobaldo Cappellano (pictured above), who died this week at the age of 65. Jeremy Parzen has already posted a collection of tributes to "Baldo" at Do Bianchi. A full profile of Mr. Cappellano's life and work will appear later this week at Vino Wire.

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