Sunday, February 1, 2009

2009 American Wine Blog Awards

Tom Wark, Wine PR man behind the ever popular blog Fermentation, has kicked off the third edition of the American Wine Blog Awards. Like them or not – the AWBA’s roused some hubbub and sparked more than a touch of disgruntlement last year – there’s no denying that the awards have quickly become influential and sought after in the world of English language wine blogs. Disgruntlement or not, I don’t think you’ll hear anyone complain too loudly if their blog happens to make it to the finals or onto the winners’ podium. Heck, it’s a nice honor just to be nominated, so my thanks go out to those that have already seen fit to throw my name into the hat in a couple of categories.

With only minor changes since last year, nominations are broken into the following categories:

Head on over to Tom’s site, check out the program guidelines (stuffing the ballot box won’t make a difference) and nominate your favorite wine blog(s) in each category. It’s an easy way to express your opinions and maybe even bring smiles to the faces of a few hard working winos. The nomination period is open now through February 8, 2009.

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