Sunday, March 30, 2008


With the 17th annual Philadelphia Film Festival looming large (April 3-15), I thought a little music from one of my favorite cinematic explorations of the early '80s would be an appropriate wrap for the weekend.


Terence said...

Man, I love Diva! A VHS was on the bookshelf of every ad agency creative director in the 80s. They all stole from it. Plus it was just a damned good film.

philadining said...

Wow, great flashback for me too! Did you happen to catch it when it was re-released to theaters a couple of months ago? I would have loved to seen it on the big screen again. I have a commercial VHS of it, but it never seemed quite right, maybe I just wanted to experience the film color and the big-speaker sound.

And of course it belongs on your food and wine blog because of the iconic "Zen and the art of buttering bread" scene!

David McDuff said...

Agreed on the damned good film point. I can still remember Wilhelmina's aria sending shivers up my spine the first time I saw the film. Thanks, too, for the ad world insights.

I totally missed the re-release. I do believe that it's due for a reissue on DVD as well, supposedly with some better production values than the first time 'round.

Though I've thought of that bread buttering scene many times over the years, I must admit it didn't even cross my mind when I decided to post the video/music clip. So thanks for the additional rationalization.

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