Sunday, March 23, 2008

Di Great Insohreckshan

I owe a lot of my reggae experience to a guy I worked with, back in high school, at a used record shop. He started carting me along to tons of great shows, mostly at DC’s Kilimanjaro, as soon as I showed an inkling of interest. A couple of the most unusual – and most memorable – sessions occurred down the hill from Kilimanjaro’s roost in Adams Morgan, at a tiny and now long defunct joint called Saba Club. Both Augustus Pablo and Linton Kwesi Johnson made rare stateside appearances there in the early-mid 80’s, playing to dismayingly tiny audiences. This is a classic old-school video, showcasing LKJ’s dee-jay poet stylings, of Di Great Insohreckshan, inspired by the Brixton riots of 1981.


Joe M. said...

Nice LKJ clip.

From what I hear Kili's was a big part of the local reggae scene in DC, back when there was more of a local reggae scene. A local DC promoter and engineer I know would always talk about his formative years working the board at Kili's.

Sounds like your co-worker at the record shop introduced you to some good reggae.

David McDuff said...

I went to see so much music during that time frame that an awful lot of the shows have blurred in my memory, Joe. Kilimanjaro was definitely the most important spot for the local and not so local reggae scene. Only the biggest bands -- Black Uhuru, Steel Pulse, Toots, etc. -- would play at larger arenas. Otherwise, just about everyone -- DC bands, Jamaicans and Brits alike -- showed up at Kili's at one point or another.

Mark V Marino said...

Very Cool brings back memories for me I attended Reggae Sunsplash in Montego Bay Jamaica at that time wow reggae for three days! Bob Marley had just passed away and I was so sorry not to be able to see him live. Good luck on winning the wine blog award!

David McDuff said...

Sunsplash must have been a phenomenal experience at that time, Mark. Thanks for tuning in.

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