Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Joe Strummer, Eight Years On

Earlier this evening, a friend reminded me that today marks eight years since the untimely and unexpected passing of Joe Strummer on December 22, 2002. So, tonight I drank a little Régnié with my dinner, poured a glass for Joe, watched the below clip a time or five, and remembered the man. Please feel free to do the same.


Do Bianchi said...

when I was in LA last, I hung with a buddy of mine who's family has worked in the biz for two generations now. He showed me photos of his aunt in London with the Clash (she was the publicist for Virgin back then). Joe still hadn't had his teeth fixed. He was so awesome. Rude Boy changed my life... great post... Merry Christmas man! (did the Clash ever record a Xmas song?)

Rich said...

Also appreciated the post. And a good choice of video for the remembrance. A powerful exhortation to action.

David McDuff said...

@DoBi - Merry Christmas to you and Tracie as well, Jeremy. Glad you enjoyed the tribute. To my knowledge, The Clash never recorded any Xmas songs, though plenty of their peers and collaborators did.

@Rich - I've always loved that video (clip from "Rude Boy). Such a powerful performance and amazing to see, from the camera's vantage point looking over Joe's shoulder, the sea of people there for the show. An exhortation to action is exactly what the song was about... too often misunderstood.

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