Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bad Brains "Pay to Cum"

In the wake of the breaking news that an original acetate of the Bad Brains single "Pay to Cum" just sold for $6,000 (almost makes me consider selling my (non-acetate) copy...), here's a little something for your viewing, listening and thrashing pleasure.  Even on the crummiest of days, spinning this track, with all its unadulterated energy, has always managed to help bring things around.

Addendum: Don't know why I didn't think to add this last night....  Given the all but undecipherable nature of much of HR's vocal attack, I'm taking the liberty of reprinting the lyrics for "Pay to Cum," per the insert included with its 1979 7" release.

I make decisions, with percisions [sic]
lost inside this manned collision
Just to see that what to be is perfectly
my fantasy.  I came to know with no dismay
that in this world we all must pay.
pay the right
" to pay
" "
" " cum fight
and all in time, with just our minds
we soon will find, what's left behind.
Not long ago when things were slow
we all got by with what they know
the end is near, hearts filled with fear,
don't want to listen to what they hear
and so its [sic] now we choose to fight to
stick up for our bloody right
the right to sing, the right to dance,
the right is ours, we'll take the chance
A piece together
" piece apart
" piece of wisdom
from our hearts.


Joe Manekin said...

Hell to the Yeah!!! $6,000 is a very reasonable price for that piece of rock history.

David McDuff said...

Meaning you were the lucky "winner," Joe?

Mike said...

That was the one that made American Hardcore Punk go into full throttle. Black Flag certainly helped!
Seriously though...I would sell it if I knew I could get a decent chunk of change for it. Plenty of other things to do with the cash now.

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