Saturday, August 21, 2010

Underground Wine and the Fête de Ploussard in Pupillin

This weekend, several wine growers in Pupillin are opening their doors to the public in celebration of both their local specialty — Ploussard (aka, Poulsard) — and the 40th anniversary of Arbois Pupillin as an officially AOC-recognized sub-district of the Arbois.

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Wishing I were there to aid in the festivities aside — and heck, even wishing I had a bottle of Pupillin Ploussard in the cellar with which to celebrate from afar — I thought I'd at least share a video clip from today's proceedings for your viewing enjoyment.

It seems that eight years ago, a group of those very same vignerons buried a cache of their Ploussards underground as an experiment in aging. Today, up came those bottles and out came the corks. Aside from a complete lack of convenience, I've often thought this would be the ideal solution for long-term cellaring. Why have all that wine you don't want to open for, say, eight or more years taking up space in your modest wine fridge? All you'd really need is a spot in the ground, a metal box and some plastic wrap to protect the bottles, and a shovel (not to mention a strong back and plenty of time), though a backhoe would certainly appear to make the job easier.

The video is not embeddable, so you'll have to visit Info Franche-Comté at to check out the clip. Aside from footage of excavating the buried treasures, the video includes interviews with Pierre Overnoy and Jean-Michel Petit, among others. (Thanks to Wink Lorch for the heads-up.) The commentary is in French without subtitles, but even without any grasp of French it should be relatively easy to follow along and get the gist of things. Enjoy the view, and bonne fête!


Wink Lorch said...

Glad you wrote about this, David - one of the many innovative, tourist-friendly activities the Jurassiens put on in their little wine region.

For the record, for anyone planning a trip next August, 'normalement' the 3rd weekend of August will see the Fête du Trousseau held in Montigny-les-Arsures, a village also very close to the town of Arbois. The Ploussard and Trousseau festivals are held on alternate years.

Do Bianchi said...

this is such an awesome post... reiterating Wink, SO glad you wrote about this...

David McDuff said...

@Wink - thanks for both the original and follow-up information. I'd love to get over there for the Fête — whether Ploussard or Trousseau — one of these years.

@DoBi - glad to be of service, sir.

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