Sunday, August 22, 2010

SF Natural Wine Week Starts Tomorrow

The second annual running of San Francisco Natural Wine Week kicks off tomorrow, August 23, 2010, with a bevy of events running through to its August 29 finale. I could tell you all about it but why, when Wolfgang Weber is doing such a smash-up job with the SF Natural Wine Week blog. Don't miss it if you're anywhere near the SF Bay Area this week. Whether you're the biggest natty wine geek on your block or just a flat out lover of honest vino, it looks like there'll be plenty of good juice flowing with great food dished up, to boot.

I'd love to put together something like this in Philly. Question though: is my fair city ready for it?


TWG said...

Ask the PLCB. They don't carry many of the natural wine importers or have the storage conditions for non-sulfered wine.

David McDuff said...

I was thinking more along the lines of cultural readiness, Tom, but you raise a very good and much more practical concern.

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