Friday, August 20, 2010

Name That Wine

There's been a rather long hiatus since the last episode of Name That Wine. Today seems like as good a day as any for a rekindling and, hopefully, a little fun for all. Just to make things a little more challenging, I've doubled the trouble. So bring it on: What've I been drinking?

And for extra credit: The Ps abound. Is there a connection?


TWG said...

Prince Poniatowski Vouvrays:

Clos Baudoin 2007 (Chidaine) and

Clos Baudoin 1989.

I know it's at best partially right since one cork seems to be red. Don't recall Chidaine producing a red though.

David McDuff said...

Thanks for getting the ball rolling, Tom. You're at least partially very much on the right track. Think about those dates, the condition of the corks... and that color.

Another crack at it came in earlier from Christy Frank of Frankly Wines, via Twitter, who guessed Papapietro Perry. All Ps accounted for, but not the answer I was looking for.

Keep 'em coming, y'all.

R said...

Pas de l'Escalette and Petit pas de l'Escalette? Only reason I know is that I've got those "p" corks lying all over the place!

David McDuff said...

Finally, it's answer time:

@Robert - Thanks for the late entry. Again, good logic... but no dice. Nothing from Pas de l'Escalette this time 'round.

@Christy - Thanks for being first up, even if it was in Tweetland rather than here in the blogiverse.

@TWG - Well played, at least in part. The topmost of the two corks was indeed from a Poniatowski Vouvray, though not from one as new nor as old as you guessed. It was actually not from a bottle I drank recently but rather a cork I pulled from a boxful in the basement when I realized that the other cork bore such a striking resemblance. It was from an '03 (Le Bouchet, I'm guessing), made during that period when Poniatowski was still the estate owner, Chidaine was making the wines under contract, and the two were splitting the wines 50/50, each marketing them under their own labels (and presumably with their own corks). This one came from the Poni side of the equation.

The lower cork did indeed, as you mentioned/guessed, come from a red wine. And though Chidaine does sometimes produce a red in his Touraine line (non-Vouvray/Montlouis), this is an entirely different animal. A 2007 Bandol rouge from Jean-Pierre Pieracci at Domaine Pieracci. You can read more about it in today's post.

Given the similarity of the two logos, if Poniatowski were still in action I'd say he might be able to make a case for trademark infringement.

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