Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Seeing Paso Robles on the Jeep

A small slice of the 500 acres under vine at Steinbeck Vineyards, just off Union Road in Paso Robles, as seen from the back of Cindy Steinbeck-Newkirk's military issue 1975 Jeep M715.

Though Cindy and her husband Tim began producing wines under their own label, Steinbeck Wines, in 2006, they still sell 99% of the grapes grown on their 500 acres to other producers. For those interested in getting a close-up look at a conventionally farmed, relatively large scale vineyard, Cindy and Tim offer tutored farm tours — called "Crash Courses" in honor of the B26 that crash landed in their vineyards in 1956 — out of their side project, The WineYard.

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