Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Blog of Note: Mosel Wine Merchant

Even though further convincing was long past necessary, Lars Carlberg's anything but "superficial" post yesterday regarding skin contact and its effects on Mosel Riesling has driven me to this....

If you're not already reading the Mosel Wine Merchant Blog, you should be. Add it to your reader of choice. Bookmark it. Whatever. Just do it.

If you're into German wines, it's an absolute must. Even if you're not, the quality of the content coming from Lars and his business partner, Dan Melia, is simply top notch and, really, should be of interest to anyone who is passionate about wine. Period.

Yes, Dan and Lars are importers. And yes, they do write primarily (though not only) about the wines in their own portfolio. But their posts are far more than shills for their own products. Excellent writing, historically relevant context and deeply informative technical information make it one of my most anticipated reads. Add to all of that one of the sharpest looking blog templates out there and the magnificently gothic photography of occasional contributor Tobias Hannemann... I think you've got the idea.

Now if only they'd keep up the regular posting....

The Bremmer Calmont vineyard, photo courtesy of Tobias Hannemann via the Mosel Wine Merchant Blog.

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