Friday, April 9, 2010

Name That Wine

There's some sort of inspiration cum tribute involved, but I'm not saying what quite yet. For now, I just want you to name what I'm drinking.


TWG said...

Drinking or drank? Puffeney Arbois? The volume of wax is too small to be a de Moor (btw any other Bourg producers with wax capsules?)

TWG said...

The wax isn't bright enough for Puffeney, is your camera and monitor adjusted/calibrated properly?

David McDuff said...

Good questions, TWG.

There are a solid handful of wax capsuling producers in the Beaujolais but not many other than DeMoor and Raveneau that I can think of in Burgundy (though I'm sure there are others, should anyone wish to chime in).

As to my camera/monitor calibration, I really can't say. Every picture seems to look a little different on every screen, but I try to get things to look as true to the eye as possible within the relatively amateur scope of my photographic and image manipulating capabilities.

Keep the guesses coming.

TWG said...

The yellow makes me think white but only because the yellow encapsulated wines I've had were all whites.

jseeds said...

houillon/overnoy savagnin?

michelecolline said...

Cotat Chavignol

David McDuff said...

Here's an off-blog entry from an e-mail subscriber:

"Looks like a cork from a Raveneau Chablis! Hope it is and hope you're enjoying it."
- Brian Garner

Samantha Dugan said...

Is it a Tissot Arbois?

bill l said...

pretty sure cotat's chavignol corks are green.

montbourgeau etoile maybe?

David McDuff said...

Alreety alrighty, my friends. Thanks for playing. I've gotta say, these were all very good guesses. And yes, one was right. Here goes:

@TWG - You were right, potential calibration issues aside, not bright yellow enough for Puffeney.

@michelecolline - Given my predilection for Loire whites, a very good guess. Of the various colors of wax used by the frères Cotat, there's definitely yellow in the mix (F. Cotat's "Les Monts Damnées," if I'm not mistaken). If only the wines were a little less pricey, I could drink them more often.

@Brian Garner - Well guessed again, though, unless you think I'm really playing tricky, I kind of ruled it out by mentioning it in my earlier comment. But then I'm guessing you didn't see that, so yeah, good try. Again, I'd love to drink Raveneau more often... just too dear.

@Samantha - Yep, I do enjoy the Arbois wines from Tissot, though I know some of my Jura-crazy brethren seem to have a lower opinion of them. I also enjoyed your rather sultry post on your recent experiences with their whites. But nope, not Tissot.

@Bill - Damn, everyone's guessing Jura/Arbois. Makes sense given the proclivity of wax capsuling there. And I do love me some Montbourgeau. But not this time 'round. (And see above re: green vs. yellow wax).

Let's see, did I leave anyone out? Why yes...

@jseeds - On the money, young man. Houillon/Overnoy Savagnin it is (was). I can see why you were thinking in that direction given your recent post on their Chardonnay.

TWG was definitely thinking along the right path straight off, as the key is in the color coding. For Overnoy, that's creamy, ever so slightly yellow for the Chardonnay; dark yellow (think goldenrod/ochre) for the Savagnin; and light, bright red for the Ploussard. Otherwise, the labeling is identical for the three wines.

The way the wax shattered all over my kitchen counter is a clue as well, as at least Tissot and Puffeney have switched to the softer, more pliable wax that tends to come off in one or two pieces rather than exploding into tiny shards of shrapnel upon corkscrew impact.

Stay tuned for details later this week.

Jseeds said...

! I was only able to get 1 Chardonnay (simply inspiring) and 1 Savagnin (50cl - tbd). Wish there were more of these important wines out there - and hope others get a chance to sample them.

David McDuff said...

Agreed, Jonathan. Chambers has been my go-to in the past but a current search of their inventory shows nada. The Ploussard has been the real toughie to come by, especially in the past year or so, but it looks like that may now be extending to everything from O/H.

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