Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Two Days of Germany

Just a quick post today. I’ve spent the last couple of days focusing on if not obsessing over my presentation for tonight’s class on German wines at Tria Fermentation School. For a while I was beginning to wonder if the class would even come to fruition, as at this time last week registration was only at half-mast. It seems German wine is still a hard sell here in the city that loves you back. However, with a little cajoling on my part, and a little help from the friendly folks at Foobooz, Philly’s finest procrastinators came through in the pinch. Class is now sold-out. That makes me smile, as I’m looking forward to sharing some great wines.

The focus on Germany won’t end tonight, as I’ll be joined tomorrow by dozens of other people from throughout the wine blogosphere in writing about Old World Riesling. That’s the topic of tomorrow’s 45th edition of Wine Blogging Wednesday, hosted by Tim Elliott at Winecast. See you on the trail.


Lyle Fass said...

Shit, Is that today. I need to open a Riesling tonight. Who do I send my link too?

David McDuff said...

Yep, it's today. I'm still working on mine now. Crazy long as usual....

You can e-mail your link to:
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