Friday, May 23, 2008

A New Season at the Oakmont Farmers Market

Ah, Spring. Among other things of beauty, it brings the return of fresh local produce along with the farmers who grow it. To my undying happiness, after a long winter of relying on the local supermarkets for produce, my local neigborhood source has returned. The Oakmont Farmers Market celebrated opening day on Wednesday, May 21. Crunched for time -- I was teaching a class on Loire Valley wines a few hours after the market's opening bell rang -- I was only able to make a quick run of it, snapping a few pictures and picking up a small supply of fruit, vegetables and eggs. Based on my quick visit though, all signs promise a great season to come.

In spite of blustery winds and intermittent rain showers, there was a respectable turnout out at opening time.

Peg Dearolf was back, taking her work seriously as always, with strawberries, snap peas, asparagus, lettuces and a variety of other fresh veggies from Blueberry Hill Farm.

The Linde's of Lindenhof Farm have also returned for the market's second year, replete with their farm fresh eggs and pasture-raised chickens.

Bud Wimer of Wimer's Organics is the one new producer to the market this year, providing welcome added depth to the range of vegetables and herbs available at the OFM.

The Strawberry, by Blueberry Hill Farm.

Oakmont Farmers Market
in the Oakmont Municipal Parking Lot
2419 West Darby Road
Havertown PA, 19083

The 2008 season:
Wednesday afternoons
3:00 PM - 7:00 PM from May 21 through August 27
2:00 PM - 6:00 PM from September 3 through November 26


bill l said...

i think wimer was at headhouse last season. seriously good stuff. that's a nice addition to your local market.

Nancy Deprez said...

What a great market that looks like! Nice produce and nice people, it seems.

David McDuff said...

Hey Bill,
It's unclear as to whether Wimer is at Headhouse again this year (it does not appear so) but they were indeed there last season. They had a really nice spread of greens and herbs at this Wednesday's Oakmont market.

Hi Nancy,
Nice people indeed, and very good produce. Even though there are only ten vendors at the market -- and only eight that are food related -- I'm able to do at least 50% of my sustenance shopping there during the season. Enjoyed some bison burgers, grilled asparagus and a red leaf lettuce salad just last night.

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