Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mazel Tov, My Friends!

We're back from California — five days of whirlwind action leading up to a beautiful finale. While there's no lack of fun posts waiting in the wings to chronicle our stops along the way, first and foremost I want to give an emphatic shout out and a huge, bloggy hug to my good friends, Steve and Stacy.

That's the happy couple below, under the chuppah at the old whaling station in the historic district of Monterey, midway into their exchange of marital vows on Sunday, the be-all and end-all inspiration for the trip. I've known them both about as long as they've known each other. I've watched them grow together, shared some great times with them and was really and truly jazzed to be there to share in their big day, to see them finally taking the plunge after all these years.

The rabbi had a great sense of humor, the groom a constant, just barely held back tear of happiness in his eyes, and the bride an unbeatable smile throughout. It was a really beautiful service.

The reception was a great time, too. I owe a big thank you to my pals Mike and Joe for getting the wines to the party in fine time and in great shape; both were big hits with the friends and family gathered for the day's celebration.

Something old world, something new, something hoppy and some hipster brew....

The bride walked to The Pixies' "La La Love You," an inspired choice, perfect for the day and for the couple. No do-overs needed (you'll know what I mean when you watch the video below). Mazel tov, my friends! Like the guys in the band say, I love you.

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