Sunday, March 1, 2009

Wouldn’t You Like to be a Winner Too?

I’m a winner. That’s right, a winner. And not just any winner. I’ve just been informed (actually, it was hours ago but I was away from the control center) that the blognoscenti have seen fit to drop a nut my way. What nut, you ask? Why, a 2009 American Squirrel Wine Blog Award, of course.

I'm told it was a close race but I just managed to edge out the other contenders in the category of Best Punk Rock Obituary (on a Wine Blog). (That parenthetical part’s mine, just in case you weren’t sure.) You’ll find the finely honed entry that won me this grand accolade here. I’m sure Lux would be proud.

What’s it all mean? Only Mr. Flores knows for sure. But at least one thing’s certain. You might be a winner, too!

Don’t miss the full awards run-down on the site of the ASWBA’s official sponsor, the Las Flores View Point Squirrel Colony.


Anonymous said...

How about "Best Astrological References, that - yes - tie into wine" ?

It might encourage me to write more about astrology, as I sip my wine.

thanks for the opportunity!

Anonymous said...

does this mean you're squirrelly?

Do Bianchi said...

Congrats McDuff!

David McDuff said...

You'll have to consult the squirrels. (PS: careful with making links when you're logged into WP....)

Easy there, pal. I've been called many things but squirrelly ain't one of 'em.

Thanks. I see the fuzzy tails were whisked your way as well.

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