Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I’ve Been Podcasted

On a more or less quarterly basis over the past two years, a group of Philly-area food bloggers have been getting together for potluck parties. The basic idea is to meet people you otherwise might “know” only via the blogosphere and to do a little networking, all while enjoying a couple of beers, maybe sipping a glass of wine and definitely munching on a little (or lots of) food. Taylor and E seem to be the main instigators, while last week’s Spring 2009 edition was generously hosted by Audrey and Mark of Illadates fame.

Bill Rowland, one of the guys behind PhillyFoodGuys and a regular potluck participant, took the opportunity to corner (his word, not mine…) a few of the attendees and interview them for his podcast. I spoke to Bill about Zahav, one of my favorite restaurants to have opened in Philly over the last year. Check out the podcast, hear the voice behind the voice here at MFWT and be sure to let Bill know you stopped by.

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