Sunday, November 30, 2008

Reflections on Thanksgiving

November has been a quieter than normal month here at MFWT. Even if Black Friday is essentially a non-event in small, independent wine shop circles, the cold weather and holiday inspired shopping season has kicked things into a higher gear at work. Combine that with the social demands of the season and I’ve had a hard time of late squeezing the time for blogging into my day-to-day routine.

It’s those “social demands,” though, that can make the Thanksgiving season so meaningful. It can be a time of stress, I know, and a time where losses and absences are more strongly felt. Why, I don’t know, but this year I’ve been thinking a lot about old times.

I’ve been thinking about places that hold a special place in my memories but have sadly been swept away by the times, like DC Space, where I spent many a great night during my teens and twenties.

And I’ve been thinking about old friends, taken away by nature far before their time should have come, like Eva, who was a good friend in high school. She was one of those incredibly and naturally gifted artists that always seem to live and function on a slightly different plane from everyone else around them. She introduced me to the pleasures of a good gin and tonic and taught me to appreciate the depth of soul in the voice of Aretha Franklin. But it’s the haunting beauty of Eva’s own voice that embodies my feelings around the holiday this year.

The Thanksgiving season is a perfect time to appreciate everything that is important to us. Even though it’s obviously been a reflective time for me this year, Thanksgiving is also a holiday I enjoy for the pure joy of sharing good food and wine along with good company. It’s really that coming together with loved ones – to share everything, happy or sad, past and present – that makes it a special time. Some of those happier notes are soon to come. I promise. So thanks for listening.

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