Thursday, November 6, 2008

Blogs of Note: Loire Valley Edition... and Some Other Items of Interest

In recent weeks, I stumbled upon a fantastic new wine blog, Jim’s Loire. Its subject matter should be obvious given its title. The “Jim” in question is Jim Budd, a freelance beverage writer who contributes to Decanter as well as to Hugh Johnson’s Pocket Wine Guide series. Splitting his time between London and the Touraine, Jim’s postings offer on-the-ground insight into the day-to-day workings of some of the best wine farms in the Loire and often include direct commentary from the vignerons themselves.

Reading through his very first post will provide insight into what got him started down this road. At it for just over three months, Jim has already passed the 100-post milestone, so he’s obviously approaching his work with gusto. His blog is one that all of my kindred Loire-nuts should be following with equal gusto.

Jim’s Loire is also peppered with some very fine photographs, like this one of François Chidaine from Jim's recent visit at the Chidaine’s shop, La Cave Insolite.

In other news:

Relative to my recent comments on Brunellogate, Franco Ziliani offers up a much more cynical, hard-line opinion of “the hypocritical Brunello vote” at VinoWire.

Derrick Schneider – the man behind An Obsession with Food & Wine – and I share a problem in common when it comes to California Cabernet Sauvignon.

Finally, Alder Yarrow, author of the world’s most popular wine blog Vinography, takes some well aimed shots at the journalists and researchers responsible for recent headlines regarding wines tainted by heavy metals.


Director Lab Propaganda said...

Great find, McD! Here's another in the Loire category: (I think I found this via Jamie Goode).

J David

Satria Sudeki said...

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David McDuff said...

Thanks for the tip, JD. Looks like a rich resource.

Mike Drapkin said...


Funny, I stumbled upon Jim's blog this week as well. Very--very detailed. He is a real pro.

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