Monday, October 27, 2008

Feliz, Ruiz and Phillies Fever

I grew up around baseball, spending hours at a time tossing the ball with friends, playing just about every position in Little League and going to games at Memorial Stadium in the 1970s heyday of the Baltimore Orioles. Ever since the Orioles managed to give up their three-one lead over the Pirates in the 1979 World Series, though, I've drifted away from the game. Not because they lost, mind you. I'd just hit a point where life took me in other directions.

The better part of thirty years later, I now feel comfortable in considering Philadelphia as my second home town. And, though I hate admitting to being an October fan, the Phillies have finally brought me back into the game. Watching their successful run through the late season and into the pennant has been a blast. In addition to truly clutch performances from the Phils' bullpen, I've been really impressed with the consistently high-level play of both catcher Carlos Ruiz and third baseman Pedro Feliz.

On the brink of possibly cinching the World Series victory at home tonight, I have nothing more to say than this: Go Phils!


Joe said...

I have to say "Go Phils" as well. When I moved to Canada in '76 (from Philly) I took that hometown with me - besides I always cheer for the NL. Only the Expos took me away from Philly (ok, and the Blue Jays briefly - I met my wife the night the Jays won the Series in '92), but now that they are in stupid Washington DC they are the only NL team I will never cheer for...(yes, bitter)

David McDuff said...

Hey Joe,

I'm waiting for Game 5 to resume as I write. Did I know you were originally from Philly? If so, I'd forgotten.

I grew up closer to DC than Baltimore but was too young when the Senators franchise left town for the team to have really registered. It was always the Orioles I rooted for in my youth. This is the first time since that I've really pulled for a baseball team.

Joe said...

Born in WI, moved to Philly when I was 3, Canada when I was 6. Nicely done, woohoo!

David McDuff said...

Indeed. A Series well played. It was good baseball all the way through but as much as I enjoyed watching I'm glad the Phils won at home rather than having to make the trip back to Tampa.

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