Saturday, October 6, 2007


Given the need to lay low brought on by some recent unfortunate circumstances, I’ve found enough time in the last few days to do a bit of tidying up at McDuff’s Food & Wine Trail.

In an effort to make what I hope are viewed as some of the more “concrete” pieces of the site more readily available, I’ve created index pages that put all posts in a couple of key categories under one roof. The pages are intentionally buried in the archives so as not to interfere with current content. I’ll be adding sidebar permalinks to them shortly so that they’ll be easily accessible for your perusing pleasure. In the meanwhile:

Going through some old photographs from a trip to Europe in 2004, I came across a lovely snapshot of Jacques Diebolt and his family. I’ve added it to my winery profile on the small grower Champagne house, Diebolt-Vallois.

And finally, I’m always happy to receive reader comments. Intrepid importer Joe Dressner stopped by recently and had a couple of quibbles with some of my tasting notes in an old post about wine and food with my buddy Bill. He later stopped by again to correct himself. Fact checking can be one of the aspects of wine writing most fraught with difficulty and dead-ends, so constructive criticism, even corrections, are always welcome.



Anonymous said...

Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Thank god for laparascopic techniques.


David McDuff said...

Thank you, Francis. I'm definitely glad for the scoping techniques -- much quicker recovery than with the old school methods.

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