Monday, May 12, 2008

The Talula's Table PR Train Keeps a Rollin'

"Build it and they will come" may be a haphazard marketing approach – or just a mantra for dreamers – but it seems to have worked magically for the crew at Talula's Table. They’ve gotten more mileage out of good work and good will than most small businesses would with a million dollar PR budget. Rave reviews in local and regional papers, a recent spot on NPR, features in various food and lifestyle magazines, as well as plenty of attention in the blogosphere and on the foodie bulletin boards, have all come to them with apparent natural ease.

The latest layer of icing on the cake appeared in last Sunday’s New York Times. Hell, I’ve been pretty happy with just making it onto Asimov’s blogroll at The Pour. Talula’s Table shot straight through to a two-page feature in The New York Times Magazine, arguably the most influential special feature supplement in arguably the most influential newspaper in the world.

What’s my point? Basically, it’s just to congratulate our local kids for doing such good work and getting recognized for it. But I also particularly like this piece, beautifully written by Nathalie Jordi, the blogstress behind Eating With Strangers (aka, Can I Buy You Lunch?). I think it captures, with incredible word economy, the heart of the market’s charm and success, without just focusing on the impossibility of attaining a reservation as have most other recent features. Check out her article, which, as a bonus, comes complete with recipes for both “Asparagus Carbonara With Pancetta and Spring Onions” and “Chickpea-Crusted Halibut With Rhubarb Vinaigrette,” a dish that's featured in the current menu at Talula's Table.

Congrats, guys, and thanks for sharing.

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