Thursday, May 22, 2008

Late Night at Southwark

If you caught my post about dinner at Cochon a few days back, you’ll understand why my friends and I were not in search of food when strolling a few blocks up Passyunk Avenue to Southwark later that evening. As good as is the French bistro influenced and locally grown fare served up by Southwark’s chef/co-owner Sheri Waide, it’s the old school cocktail menu, developed by Sheri’s husband Kip, that has garnered the most attention over the last few years. The bar does sit front and center at Southwark after all. And we’d come to heed its call.

The Manhattan, as crafted by Kip and his crack bartending staff, was enough to make Dana Cowin, Editor in Chief at Food & Wine Magazine, reconsider Philadelphia’s standing as a culinary destination. Even if it should have been stirred, not shaken, I have to say the Manhattan I tried was spot-on and complex, full of brooding flavors – a real thinking person’s cocktail. The deep selection of bourbon, rye and vermouth stocked at Southwark’s bar makes for near endless possibilities for variations on the Manhattan theme.

Relative to the contemplative nature of the Manhattan, the more forward flavors and hint of sweetness delivered by the Sazerac were pure creature comfort.

The men’s room features work by local tattoo artist Troy Timpel. Between this and the pig prints at Cochon, I think I feel a new theme coming on. Or is there something strange about carrying a camera to the loo?

Southwark Restaurant & Bar
701 S. 4th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147
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Nancy Deprez said...

Very nice photos. I gotta take more photos when I go out for nice drinks or dinner!

David McDuff said...

Thanks, Nancy. I certainly enjoy the photography and the resulting pics help to add some richness to the blog. However, it can be a bit of a challenge to balance picture taking with the social (and hunger!) aspects of dining....

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