Tuesday, December 18, 2007

WBW #40 Roundup Posted and WBW #41 Theme Announced

I'm a bit late in announcing this but our host from WBW #40, Sonadora at WannabeWino has posted her extremely thorough summary of the results. There were a startling number of people who picked out the aroma of blueberries in their Petite Sirah's, a trait that both I and Derrick at An Obsession with Food and Wine feel is a typicity of the variety. An awful lot of participants also found -- no suprise here -- their Petite Sirahs to be rather clumsy in the company of food.

For the first installment of WBW in the new year, Jack and Joanne at Fork and Bottle will be our hosts. On Wednesday, January 16, they'll be hosting WBW #41: White Wines from Friuli-Venezia Giulia. Their topic of choice should give participants a greater range of styles from which to select, as Friuli is home to some of Italy's most modern as well as most esoteric and traditional whites. Finally, a good excuse to hunt down some Vitovska.


Lyle Fass said...

Finally an excuse to buy this 500 ml of Radikon '02 Ribolla staring at me from the shelf!

David McDuff said...

It's tough to fight that temptation sometimes, the last bottle(s) of something interesting beckoning to you from across the shop. I'll look forward to your write-up, Lyle.

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