Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Last Call for Support of Menu For Hope

Will you have a few friends over for dinner sometime in the New Year? Or perhaps you’ll go out to a favorite BYO restaurant with a small group of like-minded food and wine lovers? I certainly hope the answer you’ve all silently delivered to one or both of these questions is “Well, duh, of course.” How cool might it be not to have to worry about what wines to select, to buy and to pour for the evening, but rather to have a wine guy serve and entertain you and your group? For as little as $10, you can win the chance to do just that.

In the process, you can also help to build a sustainable way for small farmers in Lesotho, Africa to feed their children and community without having to rely on outside financial assistance or on surplus grain shipments from the other side of the globe.

Today is the next to last day of the 4th annual Menu For Hope and this is my last – and last minute – call to action. Last year, Menu For Hope III raised over $60,000 in support of the United Nations World Food Programme. This year’s edition builds on that mission, with a more targeted delivery of your donations. And the goal, of course, is to at least equal the total donations raised in last year’s campaign. As of 10:00 AM this morning, our total sits right at $51K, so there’s still a way to go in the last two days.

Please help make it happen. For those of you who have considered it but not yet acted, or for those that are learning about MFH for the first time, you can visit my original post for the full details of my prize and for instructions on how to participate. And if you’re interested in other options, the entire list of prizes from around the world can be viewed at Chez Pim.

My thanks go out to those of you who have already made a contribution. Good luck! I’d also like to thank a couple of my fellow Philadelphia-area bloggers: Taylor at Mac & Cheese and Jennie at Straight from the Farm for helping to spread the word, and David at PhilaFoodie for also contributing a worthy prize to the program.


Anonymous said...

yo- made a donation, but missed the personal message line to request your services, when, i mean if, i win.
can't figure out how to edit my donation. any ideas?

glad to help a worthy cause but, the website and subsequent donation page are a little confusing.

David McDuff said...

I've contacted Pim to see if she can straighten things out. Sorry for the confusion.
bonne chance,

David McDuff said...

Yo Bill,

I heard back from Pim. She suggests contacting First Giving at: support at firstgiving dot com

Apparently, they should be able to set thing straight with your donation. The prize code for my contribution is WB23.

Thanks for pitching in.

Anonymous said...

I did the same thing but was able to add the comment later. You need your confirmation code and the last 4 digits of your cc.

The trick is to go (get back) to the confirmation page via your browsing history. I couldn't find a way to access the confirmation page directly (the one from Firstgiving).

David McDuff said...

Thanks, all. With your help and that of many others, MFH has surpassed its results from last year. There's still the better part of a day remaining, so it's not too late for those of you who are still on the fence.


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