Saturday, December 12, 2009

An Eye for the Holidays

With the onset of December came an idea that I'd get back to writing more regularly here, as I've been kind of missing the satisfaction of posting every day or two rather than just a couple of times a week. I don't know what I was thinking.... The first week of the month went pretty well but it's been all downhill from there.

December is just crazy, by far the busiest month of the year when it comes to the retail wine business. Thanksgiving may by the largest of the one-day holidays when it comes to wine sales and consumption but it's really just a warm up to the Christmas season. Take big meals on both Xmas Eve and Xmas Day and add in personal and corporate gift giving (not to mention self gifting).... It makes for long days with no time to stop and little energy left for writing at either end of the day. So, I'll take quick inspiration as it comes.

When a local Doc who stopped into the shop the other day mentioned that, "The Residents will come by to pick up these boxes," I couldn't help but conjure images of men in white suits with top hats perched atop their large eyeball masks, or perhaps something like you'll see in the following video. Not quite what he intended, I expect, but the associative leap brought a smile to my face.

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Joe Manekin said...

If the Residents were to stop by(in full stage costumes) and pick up their boxes at K&L in Redwood City, I would be the first person to wheel their wine out to their cars; that would be awesome.

David McDuff said...

Good to know someone else out there can relate, Joe.

Ted Kiefer said...

I just wandered onto your blog... Awesome! Love it.

The Residents are playing Monday at World Cafe.



David McDuff said...


Thanks for the kind words, and thanks for the reminder about The Residents show. I'd written it off when I first saw it on the calendar as Monday is a late night at the office for me. Now that I look at the show specs again, though, I might just have to try to change my schedule.


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