Saturday, July 11, 2009

Pop Quiz

Bring together twelve people with an intense interest in wine and what do you get? More bottles than you can count (among other things, of course). Here’s a quick list of the wines that made it to my end of the table during last night’s StudioKitchen meets Ideas in Food dinner.

  • Champagne Brut, Veuve Cliquot-Ponsardin 2002
  • Vouvray Pétillant Brut, Huet 2002
  • Columbia Valley Sauvignon Blanc “Stillwater Creek Vineyard,” Matthews 2006
  • Graves blanc, Château Respide-Medeville 2004
  • Rheinhessen Riesling trocken “von der Fels,” Keller 2006
  • Alsace Gewürztraminer “Vendange Tardive,” Trimbach 2000
  • Sta. Rita Hills Pinot Noir “Ten,” Sea Smoke 200x
  • Viré-Clessé, Domaine Emilian Gillet 2002
  • Saint Julien, Château Lagrange 1990
  • Corton Grand Cru “Château Corton Grancey,” Louis Latour 2002
  • Pomerol, Château la Conseillante 1989
  • Willamette Valley Pinot Noir “Beaux Freres Vineyard,” Beaux Freres 2004
  • Alentejo Garrafeira “Private Selection,” Herdade do Esporão 2001
  • Lost Slaugh Vineyards “Naucratis,” Scholium Project 2007
  • Pedro Ximenez “Selección de La Cosecha,” Solera Bodega San Telmo NV

Inspired by Brooklynguy’s Amsterdam challenge – but not nearly ambitious enough to attempt writing tasting notes for everything – I thought I’d spin a little pop quiz your way. Shouldn’t be too, too hard. Here goes….

The big three:

1. Which bottle(s) did I bring?
2. What showed best?
3. Which did I like least? [Nota bene: my etiquette editor convinced me that the original wording of this question might be deemed impolite.]

And the ridiculous extra credit question: Which wine was corked?


Wicker Parker said...

Crikey, I'm gonna score 0% I bet, but here goes. You brought the Keller and the Huet, and they showed the best, too — although if you say the Trimbach, I won't be surprised. The Herdade do Esporão was the most horrid (I'm prejudiced against Portuguese wine), and the Gillet was corked.

Now, how badly did I do?

TWG said...

And this was just your end of the table! I would also bet on the Huet and Keller and maybe the Vire-Clesse. The Latour 2002 didn't show well and the San Telmo showed best.

Hope you caught today's race.

TWG said...

The Pomerol is my guess for the corked wine.

David McDuff said...

Thanks for participating, gentlemen. You both performed admirably, though I'd have expected no less.

I brought the Huet, Keller, Viré-Clessé and the San Telmo Pedro Ximenez.

"von der Fels" was indeed the wine of the night for me, unbiased (I'd like to think) by the fact that I brought it.

The Sea Smoke Pinot Noir was my least liked wine of the night -- high-octane, hot and way overblown. Not for me....

The Matthews Sauvignon Blanc was corked, though I didn't have the heart to say so given that I was meeting most of the people at the table for the first time.

I've only missed one stage of the race so far Tom, the stage to Arcalis, and I have that on tape to watch tonight instead of the rest day recap coverage.

TWG said...

I missed the PX, if I had checked the MB website I would've added it. I haven't drunk enough of the sherries they carry to remember it by name (my wife has an aversion to the the taste that the flor brings out). Was the Vire Clesse a former MB wine?

David McDuff said...

No, the Emilian-Gillet (Jean Thevenet) Viré-Clessé is imported by Martine's Wines in CA and was purchased, if memory serves, at State Line. The Huet came from CSW, the Keller and PX from MB.

Brian said...

The '90 Lagrange was my favorite red wine of the evening, primarily because it so exceeded my expectations. The '01 Quilceda Creek was a brute, and nothing like the '97 and '98 that I've had in recent months; I hope it comes together. The '89 Conseillante was disappointing (but not corked) and a far cry from a bottle I had last year; it came from my cellar. When on, it is my favorite Conseillante for current drinking.

I am a Big fan of the '04 Aubert Chards, but it was just too warm, which was a shame. That would be my only feedback for Shola - get some ice buckets to keep the wines at the proper temperature! The '03 Guiraud was a pleasant surprise; very lush and thick, but incredible focus thanks to the acidity.

What a night!

David McDuff said...

Hey Brian,

Thanks for adding your thoughts on the wines. The Aubert passed my way a couple of times but I never managed to try it. I never even saw the Quilceda Creek or the Guiraud.... Definitely an enjoyable night. It was good to meet you there.

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