Friday, June 19, 2009

Saignée Bloody Saignée

File this one under "Why didn't I think of that?" I'd hoped to get to this much earlier today, but a long and busy day at the office kept me from it until now.

Cory Cartwright is celebrating the first birthday of his blog, Saignée, today. To help the festivities along, a fantastic cast of characters -- Jeremy Parzen, Brooklynguy, Alice Feiring, Peter Liem, Wolfgang Weber... you get the idea -- have signed up as contributors to a month long brouhaha on all things yeast and vine. Cory's calling it "31 Days of Natural Wine." And I suggest you all follow along at Saignée in the month to come.

Somewhere along the way, I'll be throwing my own two cents into the mix with an interview with California winemaker and natural wine explorer, Michael Dashe. We haven't nailed down the date for my post yet, so you'll just have to stay tuned in to catch it -- and plenty of other great stuff along the way.

If that's not enough to convince you to join the party, check out:

Will bleed for food and wine.
Cory's thumb, injured in the line of duty while working on his contribution to WBW 54: A Passion for Piedmont, hosted by yours truly.

Not everyone seems to be enthused about the whole gathering but I for one am looking very much forward to following the month's proceedings.

Happy bloggin' birthday, Cory.


Terence said...

Gee, David, what makes you think I'm not crazy about the idea? It's great for you who are interested.

As for ending mondosapore, I have ceased to focus my first energies on it. That's pretty evident. But four years of info, opination and ranting will be there for all to Google, regardless of the infrequency of new posts.

All the rest of you, carry on and keep up the good wrok.

Anonymous said...


Thanks so much for the post and your future participation.

As for the mondosapore does sound like he needs to move on if he isn't into the whole thing anymore. I think he is a bit off base on the whole single subject blogging thing though. A lot of people have gotten fed up over the years with traditional media outlets and have turned instead outlets such as blogs and forums for advice on wine and food and to find like minded individuals. It is only natural after that they begin to separate into smaller subdivisions until it seems very closed off, which it is, but there is too much wine out there even given restrictions for any amateur to find out for themselves, and a kitchen sink approach has never been the way to go, at least not for me. Hopefully that made sense, I haven't had breakfast yet.

Looking forwards to your post

Joe Manekin said...

Hey after not noticing it initially, I finally caught the post title's reference. Nice one....

David McDuff said...


It may have had something to do with the first two paragraphs of your post! Of course, I think I know you well enough to understand that you were sharing your own thoughts and expressing your current state of mind more than you were trying to rain on anyone's parade. Something tells me that thought provoking stuff (and the occasional ramble) will still manage to show up at Mondosapore, even with your obvious shift in focus to the daily needs of Domenico and Muddy Boots.

You're welcome, on both counts. And your comment makes perfect sense in spite of the starved state in which it was written. Niches and clans are indeed inevitable as one can no more read every wine blog out there than they can taste and understand every wine.

I'm glad someone noticed.... "Bleed For Me" was my backup title.

Terence said...

Very perceptive of you, David:

David McDuff said...

Glad to hear I was correct, Terence. I'm sure I'd not be alone in hating to see Mondosapore put out to pasture. (Here's a functioning link to Terence's post.)

Anonymous said...

Your pun would make Pynchon himself proud, David. Can't wait for the post.

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