Tuesday, April 7, 2009

More Good Stuff: Able Grape, Burgundy Report and The Wine Digger

When sitting down to write yesterday’s post, I had every intention of putting in a handful of quick plugs for some notable things that have been happening around the vinternet of late. That segment on ChampagneGuide.net quickly took on a life of its own though, so here’s some more of what I had in mind.

Being someone who is quite detail oriented (as a reader recently noted), I tend to do a decent amount of research when putting my wine related pieces together. As much as I rely upon Google for day-to-day web searches, I often find it lacking when it comes to filtering wine data. It’s taken me a while to change my ways but I’ve finally gotten into the habit of using Able Grape instead. Able Grape’s creator, Doug Cook, has put together a database built around search algorithms that are specific to wine information. It’s simple to use, especially if you install the AG plug-in that allows you to search directly from your browser’s toolbar). And it works – really well. Check it out.

As for new developments in the wine blogosphere….

Bill Nanson has recently posted the Spring 2009 edition of Burgundy Report, which features, among many other notable things, a profile of Domaine Georges Roumier and a vertical tasting comparing the wines of Clos des Lambrays and Clos de Tart. His constantly growing – and absolutely free – site is a fine resource focusing primarily on the red wines of Burgundy’s Côte d’Or.

Thanks go out to Cory Cartwright at Saignée for turning me on to the youngest entry on today’s roster. The Wine Digger was launched a mere week ago by Guilhaume Gerard, one of the co-owners of San Francisco wine bar/merchant, Terroir. It’s as yet a bit unclear where Guilhaume’s headed with it – shop blog, personal travelogue, tasting note emporium – but no matter; if he keeps up at the pace and spirit with which he’s started there’s bound to be plenty more good stuff to come. His post on Paris wine bar/café Le Verre Volée should give you a good feel for things.

I’m tempted to keep going but I think that’ll do for today. Wouldn’t want to spread too much love at once now, would I?


Anonymous said...

i don't know either where i'm going with this blog....i'm just going i guess. Thanks for recommending the wine digger!

David McDuff said...

Just going with the blog is just about the best way to go, Guilhaume. At least that's what I've been telling myself for the last couple of years.... Keep up the good work.

Steve L. said...

So, how many people understand the pun behind the title "Winedigger"? I had to be told.

David McDuff said...

Pun? Maybe I need to be told too....

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