Sunday, November 11, 2007

Bachelor of Wine?

In my ominipresent efforts to ensure that the letter of the law is upheld, I've been acutely yet silently sure, since the inception of this blog, to write at a high enough level of prose so as to dissuade the not-yet-of-age crowd from reading the very content your eyes are currently beholding. Heaven forbid, after all, that anyone under the age of 21 -- by more than a couple of years, at least -- should enjoy good food or an occasional taste of wine. It would simply destroy one's future....

Thanks to Professor Bainbridge, who apparently wants the younger set to sample the nectar of the vine and the treasures of the table, for the inspiration.


Taylor said...

Junior high school over here! Um...I guess that makes me all-inclusive. I should throw around some viticulture terminology to up my ratings.

David McDuff said...

A few more posts about how not to prune herbs might just do the trick.

Marcus said...

With my five (mostly defunct) blogs, I managed to get a straight flush on this. The most active one -- the wine blog -- is mid-level.

Kids should read you blog David! It's geographic and viticultural resource.

David McDuff said...

I don't know how anyone could possibly keep up five blogs unless it was their sole occupation. Even then, I'm not so sure.

I whole heartedly agree that kids should read my blog, as well as yours, just as I feel they should be allowed to sample a taste of wine at the table with the rest of their family members.

Edward said...


I only managed to get a high school level. I think I need to use bigger words :)

David McDuff said...

Hey Edward,
I think syntax is where it's at. More dependent clauses might kick things up to the next level.

Sonadora said...

Apparently I need to be far more eloquent, I'm only at the high school level as well.

David McDuff said...

Not to worry, Megan. I think there's something to be said for being more "inclusive." I suspect you guys all have more readers!

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